Cover of Guy Levy (EDT), P. Fine (EDT), A. Bar-Tal (EDT): Treated Wastewater in Agriculture

Guy Levy (EDT), P. Fine (EDT), A. Bar-Tal (EDT) Treated Wastewater in Agriculture

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As the world's population increases and the demand for water increases apace there is a rising demand for information concerning the reuse of wastewater, particularly for the irrigation of key food crops worldwide. This important new book addresses in detail the use of treated wastewater in agricultural situations, its impact on crops and the soil environment. Coverage includes the composition and treatment of wastewater, health considerations, regulations and economic aspects. Major sections of the book also concentrate on crop management and the soil environment. This book is an essential purchase for all those working in irrigation, water management and crop production worldwide. Use of Treated Wastewater (TWW) for irrigation is increasingly important as the world's population increases Chapters prepared by leading scientists in the field Comprehensive coverage of current knowledge and advances in the area of TWW Focus on possible environmental impacts (positive and negative)

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