Cover of Juan de Dios Martinez Agudo (EDT): Teaching and Learning English through Bilingual Education

Juan de Dios Martinez Agudo (EDT) Teaching and Learning English through Bilingual Education

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These days, numerous studies document and advocate the potential effectiveness of the CLIL approach, which is viewed as a real revolution in second language pedagogy. European bilingual education models are currently exemplified by CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning - a new generic and/or umbrella term for bilingual education, which has been rapidly spreading throughout Europe since the mid-nineties. Over the last decade there has been an explosion of interest in CLIL pedagogy in Europe and beyond. However, CLIL pedagogy also involves complex challenges concerning its implementation and the professional development of teachers.This publication provides readers with a collection of original papers covering essential aspects of CLIL pedagogy. This collection of papers serves as a good indication that valuable research is being conducted throughout Europe and that CLIL research is establishing itself as an important area of applied linguistics.This book is mainly addressed to those in-service teachers who teach in bilingual classrooms anywhere in the world, under any circumstances, and who wish to know more about CLIL pedagogy. It can also be used as a helpful handbook for EFL student teachers. The book is also for teacher trainers running both pre-service and in-service courses.

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