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A Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-century Creative and Performing Artists (Volume 1)

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Did he ever play Hamlet? Has she worked in television? What was the title of his first novel? Under whom did she study? How many children has he? Answers to such questions about contemporary Canadian artists have often been difficult, even impossible, to find. This series has been created to provide the answers; it covers creative and performing artists who have contributed as individuals to the culture of Canada in the twentieth century.Each volume in the series presents a cross-section of many different kinds of artists: authors of imaginative works, artists and sculptors, musicians (performers, composers, conductors, and directors), and performing artists in ballet, modern dance, radio, theatre, television, and motion pictures; directors, designers, and producers in theatre, cinema, radio, television, and the dance; choreographers and, for cinema, cartoonists and animators. Within each category of art is included a selection of those who have achieved national and international recognition; those who have been recognized locally, and some, now deceased, who markedly influenced their contemporaries locally, nationally, or internationally. This is not a critical compilation; rather it is an objective and factual reference work for those interested in contemporary Canadian culture. Information was collected by painstaking research in a wide variety of sources, and wherever possible it has been verified by the artist to make each entry as accurate and comprehensive as possible. 

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