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Chuck Aracich 180 Days of Geography for Fourth Grade

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Supplement your social studies curriculum with 180 days of daily geography practice! This essential classroom resource provides teachers with weekly geography units that build students' geography knowledge, and are easy to incorporate into the classroom. In a world that is becoming more connected and globalized, 21st century students must have the skills necessary to understand their world and how geography affects them and others. Students will develop their map and spatial skills, learn how to answer text- and photo-dependent questions, and study the 5 themes of geography. Each week covers a particular topic and introduces students to a new place or type of map. The first two weeks consist of a mini-unit that focuses entirely on map skills. For additional units, students will study various places, and how culture and geography are related. With a focus on US states, students will explore various types of maps including physical maps, political maps, topographic maps, thematic maps, climate maps, and various topics including scale, legends, cardinal directions, latitude and longitude, and more. Aligned to state standards and National Geography Standards, this resource includes digital materials.

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