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Grayling A. C. Grayling Thinking of Answers

Questions in the Philosophy of Everyday Life

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The essays in this book, drawn mainly from A. C. Grayling's columns in Prospect, the Dubliner and The Times, are in fact responses to questions set by editors and readers. ~ If beauty existed only in the eye of the beholder, would that make it an unimportant quality?~ Are human rights political?~ Can ethics be derived from evolution by natural selection?~ If both sides in a conflict can passionately believe that theirs is the just cause, does this mean that the idea of justice is empty?~ Does being happy make us good? And does being good make us happy?~ Are human beings especially prone to self-deception?As in his previous books of popular philosophy, including the best-selling The Reason of Things and The Meaning of Things, rather than presenting a set of categorical answers Grayling offers instead suggestions for how to think about every aspect of a question, and arrive at one's own conclusions. As a result Thinking of Answers is both an enjoyable and inspirational collection.

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