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The Barn Swallow is a familiar and popular bird throughout theworld. It is one of the most widely distributed bird species, breedingin North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa and wintering in SouthAmerica, southern Africa, southern Asia and even northern Australia.Its habit of nesting close to human habitation has made this elegantbird a part of farmyard and village life and a welcome herald ofspring. This book examines all aspects of the life of this endearing bird, with chapters on its flyingskills and feeding habits, mate choice, breeding strategies, nestsites, eggs and incubation, nestling rearing, productivity andsurvival, migratory behaviour and population dynamics. It also considers changes in populations and behaviour in relation to intensive agriculture and climate change. The Barn Swallow is both engaging and authoritative;birdwatchers will enjoy amazing insights into the life of the species,such as the importance of tail feathers when finding a mate, or thesinister way that some birds kill of the chicks of rivals. Academicscholars will appreciate the book's broad overview of current researchon this species.

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