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Brown Andy Brown, Grice Phil Grice Birds in England

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The Poyser avifaunas Birds in Scotland, Birds in Ireland and Birds in Wales are all now regarded as classic works. The series is now completed with Birds in England, an avifauna for England's diverse birdlife, past and present. England marks the northwestern limit for many Palearctic breedingbirds, and is close to the southwestern limit for several others - inparticular, several seabird species whose English colonies are ofinternational significance. It is the first point of arrival for newcolonists from the south - Little Egret and Yellow-legged Gull are tworecent arrivals - and it is also of international importance forwintering and passage populations of various species which breed in thefar north of the Palearctic. A diverse and fascinating avifauna isaugmented by visits from an impressive range of rarites from as far afield as Siberia and Canada - Nearctic vagrants in particular are well-represented on the English list. This important new avifauna looks in detail at England and itsbirds, analysing present and historical data to present a completepicture of the status, range and abundance of every bird on the Englishlist.

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