Cover of Alessandra A.L. Andrade: Global Navigation Satellite System

Alessandra A.L. Andrade Global Navigation Satellite System

Navigating into the New Millennium

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The book constitutes a valuable guide to the implementation of the CNS/ATM system towards ensuring safe, efficient and orderly evolution of international air transport. It uses a pragmatic approach in addressing the major legal, institutional, technical, political and economic aspects underlying the Global Navigation Satellite System, which is expected to play a fundamental role in aviation safety and air navigation world-wide. The book also examines, through well-reasoned analysis and research, the various controversial and relevant issues which will dominate the system in the years to come. The author demonstrates a profound grasp of the subject-matter through a sustained absorption of technical, institutional and legal principles applying to this complex subject. This is brought to bear in the coherent structure and logical organisation of the chapters which makes the book an invaluable tool for the aviation community, scholars and national and international regulatory authorities. It will also be immensely useful for practitioners who work towards further development and implementation of the CNS/ATM system. There has been no comparable work previously published.

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