Cover of Chris Alden (EDT), Daniel Large (EDT): New Directions in Africa-China Studies

Chris Alden (EDT), Daniel Large (EDT) New Directions in Africa-China Studies

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Interest in China and Africa is growing exponentially. Taking a step back from theevents-driven' reactions characterizing much coverage, this timely book reflects more deeply on questions concerning how this subject has been, is being and can bestudied.It offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and authoritative contribution to Africa-China studies. Its diverse chapters explore key current research themes and debates, such as agency, media, race, ivory, development or security, using a variety of case studies from Benin, Kenya and Tanzania, to Angola, Mozambique and Mauritius. Looking back, it explores the evolution of studies about Africa and China. Looking forward, it explores alternative, future possibilities for a complex and constantly evolving subject.Showcasing a range of perspectives by leading and emerging scholars, New Directions in Africa-China Studies is an essential resource for students and scholars of Africa and China relations.

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