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Small Business Marketing Strategies All-in-One For Dummies

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Transform your small business into a revenue-generating machine with this step-by-step marketing resource Running a small business is a fun and rewarding experience. It s even more fun and rewarding when clients and customers are clamoring to get a hand on your latest product or service. And effective marketing is the key to making that happen. In Small Business Marketing Strategies All-in-One For Dummies, small business experts from the United States Chamber of Commerce walk you through every single step of designing, launching, running, measuring, and improving your company s next marketing campaign. But don t worry with Dummies, it s all about learning made easy. You ll discover techniques that work in any kind of small business, from full-time trades to brick-and-mortar shops and online side-hustles. Starting at the beginning of the marketing process, you ll move on to learn how to blend different marketing methods, such as content, social, search, and traditional, to generate massive customer interest. In this book, you will: Pour the foundation of your marketing strategy by defining your ideal customers, sizing up your market, and setting your goals Kick off a successful campaign the right way by picking the best software, platforms, and techniques to power your marketing Combine content marketing, social media, and traditional strategies to generate the perfect marketing and advertising mix Evolve past gut instincts and measure your results with hard data and reliable metrics Moving beyond individual strategies and techniques, Small Business Marketing Strategies All-in-One For Dummies shows you how to blend every tool at your disposal into one effective marketing strategy. It s a must-read for any small business owner trying to grow their company.

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