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Farid Al-Bender Air Bearings

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Comprehensive treatise on gas bearing theory, design and applicationThis book treats the fundamental aspects of gas bearings of different configurations (thrust, radial, circular, conical) and operating principles (externally pressurized, self-acting, hybrid, squeeze), guiding the reader throughout the design process from theoretical modelling, design parameters, numerical formulation, through experimental characterisation and practical design and fabrication. The book devotes a substantial part to the dynamic stability issues (pneumatic hammering, sub-synchronous whirling, active dynamic compensation and control), treating them comprehensively from theoretical and experimental points of view. Key features: Systematic and thorough treatment of the topic. Summarizes relevant previous knowledge with extensive references. Includes numerical modelling and solutions useful for practical application. Thorough treatment of the gas-film dynamics problem including active control. Discusses high-speed bearings and applications. Air Bearings: Theory, Design and Applications is a useful reference for academics, researchers, instructors, and design engineers.  The contents will help readers to formulate a gas-bearing problem correctly, set up the basic equations, solve them establishing the static and dynamic characteristics, utilise these to examine the scope of the design space of a given problem, and evaluate practical issues, be they in design, construction or testing.

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