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Pat Adams Sassi, the Smile Maker

The Happy Tale of a Rescue Dog

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This is a mostly true story of Sassi, a mostly Yellow Lab, who was abandoned at a shelter as a tiny puppy. She was adopted by an airline pilot named Mark, but called Dad, and was raised by him and his live-in mother, Pat, known as Gramma. Recording Sassi's silent thoughts and words on her lucky life via "unique transference" (it's a secret!), Gramma wrote the book from Sassi's perspective.Have you ever walked through a dog shelter? If so, you saw the dogs rush to the front of their cages, bark, cry, wag their tails, and look at you with soulful eyes, hoping you will "please choose me?" Did you wonder about their stories? Sassi shares hers as a heartening example of the happiness to be found by homeless rescues adopted into welcoming forever homes.Eight-year-old Sassi learned very early that with her peppy personality, loving nature, and funny antics, she could make people smile, laugh, and feel good. That became her mission. For instance, as a trained and certified therapy dog, Sassi visits and entertains seniors in an assisted living home. She gives them high-fives. They give her big smiles. Her best buddy is a tennis ball she carries constantly, begging anyone and everyone to play catch. Her favorite times are fishing with Dad on his boat, swimming in Tampa Bay, walking with Gramma, watching TV, playing with her treasure trove of toys, and just hanging out with her family.Gramma tells Sassi about God and how blessed she is to enjoy such a good life. Sassi knows and is so thankful. For all rescued dogs in shelters and strays still "out there" trying to survive and be saved, Sassi prays all will get second chances for a happy life with loving humans, just like she did.

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