Cover of Ab Abdullah (EDT), MF Jamaludin (EDT): Springback Assessment and Compensation of Tailor Welded Blanks

Ab Abdullah (EDT), MF Jamaludin (EDT) Springback Assessment and Compensation of Tailor Welded Blanks

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Focusing on techniques developed to evaluate the forming behaviour of tailor welded blanks (TWBs) in sheet metal manufacturing, this edited collection details compensation methods suited to mitigating the effects of springback. Making use of case studies and in-depth accounts of industry experience, this book gives a comprehensive overview of springback and provides essential solutions necessary to modern-day automotive engineers.Sheet metal forming is a major process within the automotive industry, with advancement of the technology including utilization of non-uniform sheet metal in order to produce light or strengthened body structures. This is critical in the reduction of vehicle weight in order to match increased consumer demand for better driving performance and improved fuel efficiency. Additionally, increasingly stringent international regulations regarding exhaust emissions require manufacturers to seek to lighten vehicles as much as possible. To aid engineers in optimizing lightweight designs, this comprehensive book covers topics by a variety of industry experts, including compensation by annealing, low-power welding, punch profile radius and tool-integrated springback measuring systems. It ends by looking at the future trends within the industry and the potential for further innovation within the field.This work will benefit car manufacturers and stamping plants that face springback issues within their production, particularly in the implementation of TWB production into existing facilities. It will also be of interest to students and researchers in automotive and aerospace engineering.

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