Cover of Anh Nguyen Austen: Vietnamese Migrants in Australia and the Global Digital Diaspora

Anh Nguyen Austen Vietnamese Migrants in Australia and the Global Digital Diaspora

Histories of Childhood, Forced Migration, and Belonging

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Through oral histories, memoirs, and Facebook posts of Vietnamese adults who entered Australia as children after the Vietnam War (and Vietnamese refugees, war orphans, and children of refugees) this book provides insight into the memories of forced migrant childhoods and histories, as well as the complexities of national and transnational identity and belonging in digital diaspora.As war and displacement compounds the need for creating communities and histories for cultural continuity, this book is a history about childhood and migration for the Vietnamese diaspora of refugees, adoptees, and second generation in Australia and their connectedness to a global and digital diaspora. Using Facebook as a digital archive for historical research, Vietnamese Migrants in Australia and the Global Digital Diaspora presents new methods for the study of what Nguyen Austen proposes as a new area of digital diaspora studies for interdisciplinary research about real and digital life in the humanities and social sciences. As a contemporary digital diaspora study of Vietnamese forced child migrants from 1975 to the present, this book contains a mixed-methods historical analysis of the impact of war and displacement on memories of childhood.This book presents an innovative history of the national, transnational, digital, and contemporaneous lives of Vietnamese child migrants, which will make a significant contribution to the discourse on transnational childhood, migration, and belonging for refugees and migrants in the twenty-first century.

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