Cover of Ann Rose Abraham (EDT), Soney C. George (EDT), A. K. Haghi (EDT): Carbon Nanotubes

Ann Rose Abraham (EDT), Soney C. George (EDT), A. K. Haghi (EDT) Carbon Nanotubes

Functionalization and Potential Applications

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This new book discusses a selection of advanced topics on carbon nanotubes-their extraordinary properties, structure, design, fabrication, development, engineering, functionalization, carbon nanotube enabled nanocomposites, characterization, and, moreover, their utility in many applications. The volume highlights the amazing potential of advanced CNT composites in automotive, aeronautics, spacecrafts, transistors replacing Si electronics, energy, purification, hydrogen storage, tissue regeneration, electrochemical supercapacitors, sensing, biomedical applications, agriculture, energy, and technical applications.The book specifically discusses the applications of carbon nanotubes for a greener environment, as well as applications for biomedical uses, in drug delivery, and in display technology. It also explores the uses of CNTs in the energy and aerospace industries, such as for solar energy conversion, as a lubricant additive for enhancing energy efficiency, and more. Other chapters explore the potential of carbon nanotubes in hydrogen storage and carbon nanotube electronics.

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