Cover of Zuhra E. Abawi: Effectiveness of Educational Policy for Bias-Free Teacher Hiring

Zuhra E. Abawi Effectiveness of Educational Policy for Bias-Free Teacher Hiring

Critical Insights to Enhance Diversity in the Canadian Teacher Workforce

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This volume offers a critical examination of educational policy in Ontario, Canada, and critiques the success of such policies in ensuring diversity and equity of access in teacher hiring.Providing comprehensive coverage of historical marginalization in the Canadian education system, the book explains the rationale and objectives of policies enacted with the aim of ensuring "bias-free", or "colourblind" hiring. Drawing on qualitative data to illustrate how educators' lived experiences often sit at odds with the inclusivity that such policies claim to achieve, the book presents the "Equity Hiring Toolkit" as a practical framework enabling educational administrators to recognize how unconscious biases and relative positions of power can implicate hiring decisions. This text will benefit researchers, doctoral students, and academics in the fields of teacher education, educational policy, and multicultural education more broadly. Those interested in the school leadership and management, as well as race and ethnic studies will also enjoy this volume.

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