Cover of Javier Alvarez-Mon: Art of Elam CA. 4200-525 BC

Javier Alvarez-Mon Art of Elam CA. 4200-525 BC

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The Art of Elama ca. 4200-525 BCa offers a view of, and a critical reflection on, the art history of one of the world's first and least-known civilizations,a illuminating a significant chapter of our human past.a Not unlike a gallery of historical paintings, this comprehensive treatment of the rich heritage of ancient Irana showcases a visual trail of the evolution of human society, with all its leaps and turns, froma its origins in the earliest villages of southwest Iran at around 4200 BC to the rise of the Achaemenid Persian empire in ca. 525 BC.a Richly illustrated in full colour with 1450 photographs, 190 line drawings, and digital reconstructions ofa hundreds of artefacts-some of which have never before been published-The Art of Elama goes beyond formal and thematic boundaries toa emphasize the religious, political, and social contexts in which art was created and functioned.Such a magisterial study of Elamite art has never been written makinga The Art of Elam ca. 4200-525 BC a ground-breaking publication essential to all students of ancient art and to our current understanding of the civilizations of the ancient Near East.

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