Cover of Carmen Micsa, Carmen Micsa (EDT): Change Your Grip on Life Through Tennis

Carmen Micsa, Carmen Micsa (EDT) Change Your Grip on Life Through Tennis

A Player's Physical, Mental, Technical, & Nutritional Guide for Improving Your Game

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After 25 years of playing tennis and learning new strokes and strategies, Carmen Micsa realized that whether someone plays tennis, runs, hikes, or walks, there is a strong connection between the physical and spiritual side of sports. Her fresh approach to fitness, spirituality, and the mental toughness that sports provide will make you use this book as a reference and guide to becoming the better version of yourself in life through sports. In her book, which is not just for tennis players, but for everyone who loves to exercise, Micsa includes two chapters on nutrition, the Zen of tennis, 100 life lessons learned from tennis, and many more inspiring and useful chapters. The book also provides hands on drills, exercises, and advice for tennis players and athletes on taking their fitness to the next level.

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