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Ayinde Howell, Zoe Eisenberg Lusty Vegan

A Cookbook and Relationship Manifesto for Vegans and Those Who Love Them

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This combination cookbook and lifestyle book takes a unique look at inter-palate partnering, with personal stories and tips for peaceful co-existence when one partner wants a cheeseburger and the other wants a tempeh slider. Award-winning Chef Ayinde has crafted 80 delicious recipes that both vegans and omnivores can enjoy together, including: Classic Cloud-Nine PancakesTuscan 12-Vegetable Soup with Savory BiscuitsHabanero Portobelo FajitasCrispy Spring RollsCherry Cobbler and Cacao NibsMany more Ayinde and Zoe are longtime vegans, but they have something else in common; neither has ever dated another vegan. After comparing notes, they realized the need for a manifesto to help vegans and omnivores navigate their cross-cuisine love life. The book shares tips for vegans who want to satisfy the appetites of their omnivorous counterpart, and for non-vegans who want to impress their plant-based partners. The authors' personal experiences and advice can be irreverent, but always on the mark for people needing relationship solutions, both romantic and culinary. Loaded with humorous anecdotes and seductive full-color food photographs. The Lusty Vegan provides delicious recipes and lots of fun along the way.

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