Cover of Anemone Anthony Anemone (EDT): Just Assassins

Anemone Anthony Anemone (EDT) Just Assassins

The Culture of Terrorism in Russia

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Just Assassins is an engrossing collection of fourteen original essays that illuminate terrorism as it has occurred in Russian culture past and present. The broad range of writers and scholars have contributed work that examines Russian literature, film, and theater; historical narrative; and even amateur memoir, songs, and poetry posted on the Internet. Along with editor Anthony Anemone's introduction, these essays chart the evolution of modern political terrorism in Russia, from the Decembrist uprising to the horrific school siege in Beslan in 2004.As terrorism and the fear of terrorism continues to animate, shape, and deform public policy and international relations across the globe, Just Assassins brings into focus how Russia's cultural engagement with its legacy of terrorism offers instructive lessons and insights for anyone concerned about political terror.

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