Cover of Shalom Michael Akili: Net-Generation Student Motivation to Attend Community College

Shalom Michael Akili Net-Generation Student Motivation to Attend Community College

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Net-Generation Student Motivation to Attend Community College explores the factors that affect student retention rates in community college by presenting net-generation (or millennial) students with the opportunity to tell their stories and give insight into why they chose and completed their respective community college programs. The author views community colleges through the lens of second-chance organizations, where motivation plays a crucial role in determining whether these students will select and, more importantly, complete a two-year program at these institutions. Embedded in theories of intrinsic motivation (Identity Development Theory), the institution of education (Choice Theory), and college student persistence (the Theory of Self-Efficacy), this book utilizes a mixed method approach to address the unique challenges faced by community colleges in retaining net-generation students. The study also presents a conceptual framework deemed the ';Akili model,' which emphasizes relationships, personal growth, and support systems to empower educational institutions with tools to keep students in college.

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