Cover of Robert C. Knapp, John D. Mac Isaac: Excavations at Nemea III

Robert C. Knapp, John D. Mac Isaac Excavations at Nemea III

The Coins

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Since 1974 the University of California at Berkeley has been sponsoring extensive excavations at the Panhellenic athletic festival center of ancient Nemea in the modern Greek province of Korinthia. With its well-documented excavation and clear historical context, the site offers an excellent opportunity for investigation and analysis. This volume, the third in a series of publications on Nemea, is a detailed presentation of the more than three thousand legible coins from all over the ancient world that have been unearthed there. The coins, which are mostly bronze but show an unusually high proportion of silver, reflect the periods of greatest activity at the site-the late Archaic and Early Classical, the Early Hellenistic, the Early Christian, and the Byzantine. More than a compendium of data, the study breaks new ground with its analysis and contextualization of numismatic evidence in an archaeological setting.

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