Cover of Amir D. Aczel: Cave and the Cathedral

Amir D. Aczel Cave and the Cathedral

How a Real-Life Indiana Jones and a Renegade Scholar Decoded the Ancient Art of Man

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What Are The Ancients Trying To Tell Us?"Why would the Cro-Magnon hunter-gatherers of Europe expend so much time and effort to penetrate into deep, dark, and dangerous caverns, where they might encounter cave bears and lions or get lost and die, aided only by the dim glow of animal fat-burning stone candles, often crawling on all fours for distances of up to a mile or more underground . . . to paint amazing, haunting images of animals?"-From The Cave and the CathedralJoin researcher and scientist Amir D. Aczel on a time-traveling journey through the past and discover what the ancient caves of France and Spain may reveal about the origin of language, art, and human thought as he illuminates one of the greatest mysteries in anthropology."A well-researched and highly readable exploration of one of the most spectacular manifestations of the unique human creative spirit-and one of its most intriguing mysteries."-Ian Tattersall, Curator, Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History, and author of The Fossil Trail: How We Know What We Think We Know about Human Evolution

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