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Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture

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This volume emphasizes the economic aspects of art and culture, a relatively new field that poses inherent problems for economics, with its quantitative concepts and tools. Building bridges across disciplines such as management, art history, art philosophy, sociology, and law, editors Victor Ginsburgh and David Throsby assemble chapters that yield new perspectives on the supply and demand for artistic services, the contribution of the arts sector to the economy, and the roles that public policies play. With its focus on culture rather than the arts, Ginsburgh and Throsby bring new clarity and definition to this rapidly growing area. Presents coherent summaries of major research in art and culture, a field that is inherently difficult to characterize with finance tools and conceptsOffers a rigorous description that avoids common problems associated with art and culture scholarshipMakes details about the economics of art and culture accessible to scholars in fields outside economics

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