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Gregory Bard Algebraic Cryptanalysis

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Algebraic Cryptanalysis bridges the gap between a course in cryptography, and being able to read the cryptanalytic literature. This book is divided into three parts: Part One covers the process of turning a cipher into a system of equations; Part Two covers finite field linear algebra; Part Three covers the solution of Polynomial Systems of Equations, with a survey of the methods used in practice, including SAT-solvers and the methods of Nicolas Courtois.Topics include:Analytic Combinatorics, and its application to cryptanalysisThe equicomplexity of linear algebra operations Graph coloringFactoring integers via the quadratic sieve, with its applications to the cryptanalysis of RSAAlgebraic Cryptanalysis is designed for advanced-level students in computer science and mathematics as a secondary text or reference book for self-guided study. This book is suitable for researchers in Applied Abstract Algebra or Algebraic Geometry who wish to find more applied topics or practitioners working for security and communications companies.

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