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Lesley Abbott, Ann Langston Birth to Three Matters

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"The quality of children's experiences, and the engagement of their parents, particularly in these early years, is critical to better outcomes that will impact on the child right into adolescence and adulthood. While we have done much to expand quantity, we also must keep working on quality. This book is a key tool for both practitioners delivering services and managers designing and commissioning them."Naomi Eisenstadt, Director, Sure Start Unit, Department for Education and SkillsBirth to Three Matters is essential reading for anyone involved in providing care and education or developing policy for children between birth and three. The book: Explores the structure and content of the DfES Birth to Three Matters Framework Supports the use of the pack by providing more detail, background information, and discussion of current research and case studies in Early Years Examines a range of issues that impact on the development of quality in early years settings Features contributions from influential early years experts, many of whom were involved in the development of the Birth to Three Matters FrameworkTopics include national and international policy and research, practitioners, quality, anti-discriminatory practice, inclusion, safety, and training. A sound theoretical approach is supported and enhanced by a highly practical section, which links to the framework and shows how how observation, play, interaction and creativity affects work with very young children. This book supports a variety of professionals involved in the development of policy, practice and quality in early years settings, as well as students seeking to understand more about the Birth to Three Matters Framework and the issues that influence work with this age group.

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