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Robert D. Adams (EDT) Adhesive Bonding

Science, Technology and Applications

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Adhesive Bonding: Science, Technology and Applications, Second Edition guides the reader through the fundamentals, mechanical properties and applications of adhesive bonding. This thoroughly revised and expanded new edition reflects the many advances that have occurred in recent years. Sections cover the fundamentals of adhesive bonding, explaining how adhesives and sealants work, and how to assess and treat surfaces, how adhesives perform under stress and the factors affecting fatigue and failure, stress analysis, environmental durability, non-destructive testing, impact behavior, fracture mechanics, fatigue, vibration damping, and applications in construction, automotive, marine, footwear, electrical engineering, aerospace, repair, electronics, biomedicine, and bonding of composites. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, this book is an essential resource for industrial engineers, R&D, and scientists working with adhesives and their industrial applications, as well as researchers and advanced students in adhesion, joining, polymer science, materials science and mechanical engineering. Offers detailed, methodical coverage of the fundamentals, mechanical properties and industrial applications of adhesive bonding Enables the successful preparation of adhesives for a broad range of important load-bearing applications in areas such as automotive and aerospace, construction, electronics and biomedicine Covers the latest advances in adhesive bonding, including improved repair techniques for metallic and composite structures, cohesive zone modeling, and disassembly and recycling

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