Cover of Wagdy M. Abdallah, Wagdy M. Abdallah: Managing Multinationals in the Middle East: Accounting and Tax Issues

Wagdy M. Abdallah, Wagdy M. Abdallah Managing Multinationals in the Middle East: Accounting and Tax Issues

Accounting and Tax Issues

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This comprehensive analysis discusses how American and non-American multinational corporations (MNCs) can plan, manage, and control their business activities and invest in four selected Middle East countries: Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabaia-and as a special unique feature, a fifth country, Israel. Abdallah covers in detail the tax systems and regulations and their effect on business in the Middle East. He looks at the future of the business environment and its effect on accounting in the Middle East during the first decades of the new century, and examines the role of different local and international organizations that are helping to make the Middle East an excellent place to do business.Combining the Arab countries with Israel into a single volume, and writing in a remarkably clear style, Abadallah offers practical guidelines for Americans and other MNCs, potential international investors, large accounting firms, and even Middle East governments themselves. He helps businesses conduct feasibility studies for joint venture startups in the Middle East countries covered; helps MNCs manage their business more effectively and avoid conflicts with governments or cultural attitudes; offers managers and officers an understanding of Middle East environmental factors that may significantly affect their businesses; helps MNCs evaluate the performance of Middle East subsidiary managers; helps MNCs develop strategic transfer pricing policies that fit Middle East countries and which go according to accounting systems and practices there as well as in their home countries; and goes deeply into the accounting systems and practices of the countries under analysis here and compares them with both U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Accounting Standards. This volume is of special value to corporate executives in or planning to enter the Middle East market, graduate students, and teachers of international business and accounting, and practicing accountants with Middle East clients (or who seek to acquire them).

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