Cover of Whole Works of the Late Rev. Ebenezer Erskine

Whole Works of the Late Rev. Ebenezer Erskine

Minister of the Gospel at Stirling, Consisting of Sermons and Discourses on the Most Important and Interesting Subjects

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Whilst the greatest effort has been made to ensure the quality of this text, due to the historical nature of this content, in some rare cases there may be minor issues with legibility. I know it will be alleged, that I have licked and smoothed my sermon, and that my notes may not be the same with what I delivered viva. 71006. As to which I shall only say, that it is my practice to write all I have a mind to say in public. It is true indeed, I do not pretend to such an exact memory, as that I can confine myself in the delivery, to every thing in my notes, without varying a word or phrase but yet I use to be pretty exact that way, when I know such critical auditors as Mr A. Are before me. One of my own children, who I am sure would not adventure to alter a word, did dictate the following sermon to an amanuensis, from my original notes and that same Copy goes to the press: I own I helped the grammar, in some places, when I revised it. So that there is not a phrase or sentence altered, at which my accuser might take the least umbrage. And I do very well re member, that some things were expressed softer in the delivery than what they are in the notes which now are come abroad. Mr A. Told me, that, if I published my sermons, I could not hinder him from printing the notes he took from my month. For my part, if he took every word I spoke at that time, I should be very easy for (i desire to speak it not out of vain glory, but to the praise of Him who makes the tongue of the stammerer to Speak plain) that which I deliver in public, has, for ordinary, the advantage of my notes, both for closeness of connection and accuracy of expression. But I very much doubt, if Mr A. Be such a ready writer as to catch every word.

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