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Christianity in the Modern World

A Study of Religion in a Pluralistic Society

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The influenceof religion on culture is as strong as ever, but the shape of that influence isunique in today's pluralistic society. In Christianity in the Modern World,Ambrose Mong examines critically themes of religious commitment and tolerance,attitudes towards other religions, and the sociological aspects of religion andinter-religious dialogue. He provides an overview of factors that challengetraditional religion, from the relationship between monotheistic andpolytheistic beliefs to the history of tolerance and intolerance in the churchand the future of secularism.Following theglobal ethics formulated by the late Hans Kng, Mong also engages with thedialogue between Jrgen Habermas and Joseph Ratzinger to provide an extensivedefence of the importance of inter-religious dialogue, with particularrelevance to multiple religious belonging in the Asian context. Scholars ofworld religions will find Mong's analysis compelling, while students will findhis introduction to the historical dialectics underlying many of today'stensions illuminating.   

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