Cover of Caroline Krafft (EDT), Ragui Assaad (EDT): Jordanian Labor Market

Caroline Krafft (EDT), Ragui Assaad (EDT) Jordanian Labor Market

Between Fragility and Resilience

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Jordan stands in the middle of a turbulent region, experiencing substantial refugee flows and economic challenges due to the conflict and insecurity of its neighbors. The Jordanian Labor Market: Between Fragility and Resilience fills an enormous gap in our knowledge regarding the region's labor market during a period of substantial instability and new challenges for Jordan. Prior to the refugee crisis the Jordanian economy and labor market had been shifting in a positive direction. An enormous influx of Syrian refugees, however, created unanswered questions of how the region's labor market would fare. The Jordanian Labor Market leverages the 2016 Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey to provide answers to some of these questions. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to assess the challenges that Jordan faces. It addresses key economic and policy questionsthrough unparalleled nationally representative date. The Jordanian Labor Market presents critical new insights into the status of migrants and refugees in Jordan. It examines key indicators of the labor market including labor supply, job creation, wages and inequality, and self-employment. It also looks at transitions across the life course in Jordan such as education, school-to-work transition, marriage and fertility, housing and new households, and social insurance and retirement. These factors provide important insight into importantchallenges Jordan's economy and society faces.

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