Cover of PB Anand (EDT), Shailaja Fennell (EDT), Flavio Comim (EDT): Handbook of BRICS and Emerging Economies

PB Anand (EDT), Shailaja Fennell (EDT), Flavio Comim (EDT) Handbook of BRICS and Emerging Economies

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Ever since Jim O'Neill at Goldman Sachs coined the term BRICS in 2001 there have been many different assessments of these major emerging economies, with some even proclaiming that the promise of the BRICS (comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is over. However, the so called 'arranged marriage' still seems to be working well, with the club having become a formal international forum, with summit declarations, ministerial meetings, and numerousBRICS-wide fora. Is this euphoria misplaced? Is there a BRICS model of economic and human development? Are inequalities increasing and is this the denouncement of the economic successes? Are geo-political tensions rising between these nations?During the post COVID-19 situation, the importance of bilateral and multilateral co-operation mechanisms and institutions is becoming clear. This book focuses on one such emerging co-operation mechanism of BRICS but also more widely on those five countries and other similar economies. As a global depression looms large, global economic recovery depends on the performance of not only its largest economies but also many other important and significant economies within the so called G20 group. Even prior to the COVID-19 outbreak multilateral institutions have been under considerable strain, as with the relationship between the United States of America and China, and risks to global economic recovery appear very real. This book brings together multi-disciplinary perspectives from over sixtyscholars and it presents a comprehensive and deep dive into the BRICS and emerging economies and into an understanding the political, economic, and social contexts that can help in designing approaches for recovery and regaining the last momentum in the journey towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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