Cover of Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam (EDT): Green Synthesis of Silver Nanomaterials

Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam (EDT) Green Synthesis of Silver Nanomaterials

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Green Synthesis of Silver Nanomaterials illustrates how to biologically scale up silver nanoparticle synthesis. This book covers green synthesis of silver nanomaterials, via plants, agricultural waste, fungi, and microorganisms. Sections cover the synthesis and characterization of chemical and green synthesis, various types of silver nanomaterialism, the ability of different fungal species, such as filamentous fungi, to produce silver nanoparticles, the microbial synthesis of silver NMs, biosynthesis mechanisms, toxicity, fate and commercialization. As examples, greener pathways and mechanisms, toxicity of silver nanoparticles in aquatic life and in natural eco-systems, and strategies for the scaling up of green-synthesized nanomaterials are discussed. With the extended work in enhancing nanomaterials synthesis performance, and discovering their biomedical, environmental, and agricultural applications, it is hoped that the execution of these methods on a large scale and their industrial applications in different fields will take place in the near future. Assesses the impact of a large variety of silver-based nanostructures in the biomedical, environmental and agri-food sectors Discusses the major synthesis methods used for effectively processing plant-based silver nanoparticles Outlines the potential and major challenges for adopting green synthesis methods on a mass scale

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