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Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry IV

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Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry IV provides a first point of entry for scientists interested in heterocyclic ring systems. Given the rapid expansion of publications in this field, this compilation of definitive reviews is especially important and invaluable. Written by leading scientists who have evaluated and summarized the most important data published over the last decade, this book is an invaluable addition to the reference library of anyone working with heterocyclic ring systems. Spanning 14 volumes, over 13,000 pages, and 240 chapters, this new edition builds on, and complements, the material in previous editions. This comprehensive resource is designed to be used both as a standalone resource and in conjunction with earlier works. Comprehensive - CHEC IV offers a comprehensive review of current heterocycles research and critical insight into the future direction of the field with an emphasis on useful and reliable synthesis and reactions, negating the need for individual searches in the primary literature and across various databases Reputation - This 4th edition matches the impressive reputation of the previous editions as the go-to foundational reference in heterocyclic chemistry Clearly structured - Meticulously organized, articles are split into 14 sections on key topics and clearly cross-referenced to allow students, researchers and professionals to find relevant information quickly and easily Interdisciplinary - chapters written by academics and practitioners from various fields and regions ensures that the knowledge within is easily understood by and applicable to a large audience

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