Cover of Peter W. Hawkes, Erwin Kasper, Angus Kirkland: Principles of Electron Optics, Volume 2

Peter W. Hawkes, Erwin Kasper, Angus Kirkland Principles of Electron Optics, Volume 2

Applied Geometrical Optics

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Principles of Electron Optics: Applied Geometrical Optics, Second Edition gives detailed information about the many optical elements that use the theory presented in Volume 1: electrostatic and magnetic lenses, quadrupoles, cathode-lens-based instruments including the new ultrafast microscopes, low-energy-electron microscopes and photoemission electron microscopes and the mirrors found in their systems, Wien filters and deflectors. The chapter on aberration correction is largely new. The long section on electron guns describes recent theories and covers multi-column systems and carbon nanotube emitters. Monochromators are included in the section on curved-axis systems. The lists of references include many articles that will enable the reader to go deeper into the subjects discussed in the text. The book is intended for postgraduate students and teachers in physics and electron optics, as well as researchers and scientists in academia and industry working in the field of electron optics, electron and ion microscopy and nanolithography.Offers a fully revised and expanded new edition based on the latest research developments in electron opticsWritten by the top experts in the fieldCovers every significant advance in electron optics since the subject originatedContains exceptionally complete and carefully selected references and notesServes both as a reference and text

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