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Sirong Yi Dynamic Analysis of High-Speed Railway Alignment

Theory and Practice

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Dynamic Analysis of High-Speed Railway Alignment: Theory and Practice elaborates on the dynamic analysis theory and method on spatial alignment parameters of high-speed railways, revealing the interaction mechanism between vehicle-track dynamic performance and track parameters of high-speed railways. It ascertains the influence rules of track structure and track geometry on vehicle-track dynamic performance, establishes the relationship models between vehicle-track dynamic performance and curve dynamic characteristic parameters, and defines the calculation relationship between lateral acceleration of car body on curves and track parameters. This book can be used as a reference book for scientific researchers, engineering technicians and management engaged in railway engineering, and will be very helpful for railway technicians who want to learn more about route planning, design, and construction and maintenance technologies of high-speed railways.Presents the dynamic effects between the running speed of high-speed trains on curves and spatial curve technical parametersProvides dynamic analysis, theory and methods on curve parameters of high-speed railways and improves the calculation theory on spatial alignment of high-speed railwaysCovers minimum curve radius, transition curve length, minimum radius of vertical curve, steepest slope, minimum slope length and length of intermediate straight line

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