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Syed Naeem Ahmed Physics and Engineering of Radiation Detection

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Physics and Engineering of Radiation Detection presents an overview of the physics of radiation detection and its applications. It covers the origins and properties of different kinds of ionizing radiation, their detection and measurement, and the procedures used to protect people and the environment from their potentially harmful effects. The second edition is fully revised and provides the latest developments in detector technology and analyses software. Also, more material related to measurements in particle physics and a complete solutions manual have been added. Discusses the experimental techniques and instrumentation used in different detection systems in a very practical way without sacrificing the physics contentProvides useful formulae and explains methodologies to solve problems related to radiation measurementsContains many worked-out examples and end-of-chapter problemsDetailed discussions on different detection media, such as gases, liquids, liquefied gases, semiconductors, and scintillatorsChapters on statistics, data analysis techniques, software for data analysis, and data acquisition systems

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