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Advances in Eco-Fuels for a Sustainable Environment

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Advances in Eco-fuels for Sustainable Environment presents the most recent developments in the field of environmentally friendly eco-fuels. Dr. Kalad Azad and his team of contributors analyze the latest bio-energy technologies and emission control strategies, while also considering other important factors, such as environmental sustainability and energy efficiency improvement. Coverage includes biofuel extraction and conversion technologies, the implementation of biotechnologies and system improvement methods in the process industries. This book will help readers develop a deeper understanding of the relevant concepts and solutions to global sustainability issues with the goal of achieving cleaner, more efficient energy. Energy industry practitioners, energy policymakers and government organizations, renewables researchers and academics will find this book extremely useful. Focuses on recent developments in the field of eco-fuels, applying concepts to various medium-large scale industriesConsiders the societal and environmental benefits, along with an analysis of technologies and researchIncludes contributions from industry experts and global case studies to demonstrate the application of the research and technologies discussed

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