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Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry III

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Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry III, Nine Volume Set describes the fundamentals of metal-ligand interactions, provides an overview of the systematic chemistry of this class of compounds, and details their importance in life processes, medicine, industry and materials science. This new edition spans across 9 volumes, 185 entries and 6600 printed pages. Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry III is not just an update of the second edition, it includes a significant amount of new content. In the descriptive sections 3-6, emphasis is placed upon material that has appeared in primary and secondary review literature since the previous edition published. The material in other sections is newly written, with an emphasis on modern aspects of coordination chemistry and the latest developments. The metal-ligand interaction is the link between the award of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Alfred Werner, the father of Coordination Chemistry, the 1987 prize for supramolecular chemistry and the 2016 award for molecular machines. The key role of coordination chemistry in the assembly of hierarchical nano- and micro-dimensioned structures lies at the core of these applications and so this Major Reference Work bridges several sub-disciplines of chemistry, thus targeting a truly interdisciplinary audience. Provides the go-to foundational resource on coordination chemistry research, providing insights into future directions of the field Written and edited by renowned academics and practitioners from various fields and regions this authoritative and interdisciplinary work is of interest to a large audience, including coordination, supramolecular and molecular chemists Presents content that is clearly structured, organized and cross-referenced to allow students, researchers and professionals to find relevant information quickly and easily

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