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Demography: Analysis and Synthesis, Four Volume Set

A Treatise in Population

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This four-volume collection of over 140 original chapters covers virtually everything of interest to demographers, sociologists, and others. Over 100 authors present population subjects in ways that provoke thinking and lead to the creation of new perspectives, not just facts and equations to be memorized. The articles follow a theory-methods-applications approach and so offer a kind of "one-stop shop" that is well suited for students and professors who need non-technical summaries, such as political scientists, public affairs specialists, and others. Unlike shorter handbooks, Demography: Analysis and Synthesis offers a long overdue, thorough treatment of the field.Choosing the analytical method that fits the data and the situation requires insights that the authors and editors of Demography: Analysis and Synthesis have explored and developed. This extended examination of demographic tools not only seeks to explain the analytical tools themselves, but also the relationships between general population dynamics and their natural, economic, social, political, and cultural environments. Limiting themselves to human populations only, the authors and editors cover subjects that range from the core building blocks of population change--fertility, mortality, and migration--to the consequences of demographic changes in the biological and health fields, population theories and doctrines, observation systems, and the teaching of demography. The international perspectives brought to these subjects is vital for those who want an unbiased, rounded overview of these complex, multifaceted subjects. Topics to be covered:* Population Dynamics and the Relationship Between Population Growth and Structure* The Determinants of Fertility* The Determinants of Mortality* The Determinants of Migration* Historical and Geographical Determinants of Population* The Effects of Population on Health, Economics, Culture, and the Environment* Population Policies* Data Collection Methods and Teaching about Population Studies* All chapters share a common format* Each chapter features several cross-references to other chapters * Tables, charts, and other non-text features are widespread* Each chapter contains at least 30 bibliographic citations

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