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Jitka Schieff Pepi and I

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U Lužického semináře 10, Malá Strana

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Does freshly deceased rat taste better than frozen steak? Can dogs weed a flowerbed? Does the Universe provide free birthday cakes in a park? As soon as Jitka and her fiancé buy a house, it's time for Jitka to fulfil her long-time dream: to have a faithful, cute, furry friend, capable of true, unconditional love. The new addition to their family is strong-willed, with a clear focus on his own wants. He displays daily his obvious love of all the things the world so generously provides for him, especially if it tastes good, or at least is not completely inedible. Not aware yet that a dramatic turn of events is just around the corner, Jitka and her fiancé are enjoying life with the many surprising and frequently comical situations that Pepi drags them into. As life, so often unpredictable, can change laughter into tears, joy into fear and vice-versa, Jitka's secure world is turned upside down and she is hurtling down the roller coaster with Pepi by her side. Will they make it? These are life lessons - powerful, maybe, but always entertaining.

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