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Heinz Abosch Simone Weil: An Introduction

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Simone Weil, religious socialist and anarchistic mystic, believed that philosophical work was composed not only of what one wrote, but how one lived. This dedicated, difficult to classify, philosopher was dramatically involved with the political events of her time - Hitler's dictatorship, the Spanish Civil War, World War II and the French Resistance. A perceptive critic of Marxism whose work was admired by Camus, Weil nevertheless worked tirelessly to end the exploitation of laborers. She was also committed to the emancipation of women and was an early advocate of ecological awareness. True to the often contradictory nature of her activities, when she became disillusioned with political realities Weil turned to religious transcendence which she pursued while denying the authority of the church. Abosch's book contains thorough examinations and convincing judgements which far exceed what is traditionally provided in an introductory work. Weil's commitment to the actual practice of living is examined and the contradictions in her life and work are made clear. Abosch traces the often painful actions and thoughts of one who sought to suffer with the poorest and was in a constant state of revolt. The reader learns of the restless life of the "vierge rouge" (red virgin) who...died from self-inflicted starvation.

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