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Ken Akamatsu Negima! 2

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Highly recommended, not just because it's another fine effort from Ken Akamatsu, but also because of the inspired translation and excellent handling of sound effects New Type It's the end of the year at Negi's school, and that means it's finals time. It looks like there's a lot more at stake than usual, though. Negi's students - class 2-A - are part of an 'elevator' class, which means they are guaranteed to pass into the next grade. But there's a rumour going around that if 2-A finishes last in the school, the worst students will be held back. Negi worries that if his class does poorly, he'll be dismissed from his teaching post! Asuna has the answer - a magic book on Library Island that can solve all their problems. But is it worth it to face the traps and terrors that guard the book just to do better on a test? Asuna thinks so! With her fellow low achievers and Negi in tow, she'll find that book - or die trying!

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