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Surekha Arora Secretarial Practices Coursebook

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The term secretarial Practice has been used to include knowledge, skills, procedure and methods of work to be performed by a Private Secretary or Office Assistant. Persons with Secretarial Skills find employment in all types of officese.9., govt , public or private, different types of agencies etc. located in big and small cities. The application of modern technology advancements has brought a revolution and greater effectiveness in day to day working of the offices. Due to this, procedures have become more streamlined and office work has become more interesting and challenging. in todays world where competition is growing like never before, the only way to succeed is to ensure that you are a step ahead. Success means when one is ascending the ladder quickly and effectively. To develop such confidence in a person our institute offers a course in Executive Secretarial Practice. The aim of this programme is to equip the students with advanced knowledge of modern office equipment, effective communication at all levels by human relations, efficiency in shorthand and typing to become Executive Secretaries at the higher level. This course is in much demand and osiers ample opportunities of employment for girls who wish to work as secretaries, stenographers, computer operators, receptionists and office assistants- Candidates with Diploma in Secretarial Practice can get well-paid jobs. The subject matter has been dealt with utmost care, in tune with the revised curriculum and pedagogic principles. it is hoped that this book will enable the teacher to provide suitable laming activities for effective learning. Contents: Personal Assistant . Steganography . Basic English . Personality Development . Office Automation . Secretary Duties: Responsibilities of a Secretary.

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