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Mike Bell Point of NO RETURNS

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Business Will Flock to Our Shores,and "Made in the USA"Will Mean Something AgainWorking in cost accounting for billion-dollar corporations and analyzing cost variances taught me to get up from my desk and get out on the manufacturing floor to question operations. That led to a manufacturing management position and then to a corporate Engineering Control Review Board (ECRB) chairperson position. In that position, the board members and myself set the standard that no product build changes would occur unless they improved safety, reliability, or performance while protecting profitability. This is where I see America with our present tax structure and national debt. We are in need of an entirely new system where our advances in technology will control the income collected and eliminate the archaic labor-intensive monstrosity we call the IRS and its burdensome tax code. The IRS and the tax code need to be eliminated as unnecessary and replaced by a simple "automated banking" system with simple computer-coded instructions and no people, no audits, no loopholes. This system eliminates billions of wasted hours of record keeping and wasted hours of tax legislation by an overburdened Congress.

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