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Halfhyde on the Yangtze

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Far up the Yangtze River, the European presence in Chungking is threatened with rebellion and massacre by the Chinese. With the Russians and Germans poised to take advantage of lapsing British treaties, tactful intervention in rescuing the terrified civilians while keeping trade with the mandarins is essential.This is hardly a suitable task for the bombastic Captain Watkiss, whose wildly aggressive tactics require skillful subversion by his long-suffering Lieutenant Halfhyde.No sooner has the naval party landed at Chungking than the unfortunate Watkiss is captured. Halfhyde is faced with a dilemma. Should he continue the task of removing the stranded Europeans to safety or should he pursue Watkiss's captors and leave the Europeans to their fate?Like all the Halfhyde Adventures, this volume is leavened with humor. But it also includes exciting exploits such and skirmishes with ferocious Chinese mercenaries, a daring assault on the rebel-surrounded British Consulate, and a headlong race through the breath-taking Yangtze gorges.

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