Cover of Encyclopedia Of International Economics And Global Trade (In 3 Volumes)

Encyclopedia Of International Economics And Global Trade (In 3 Volumes)

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In an era when trade and currency wars threaten to end a long-standing period of growing trade and capital flows, the economics of international trade, investment and finance have become more important than ever. This three-volume Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the theory and evidence on the causes and consequences of global trade, and the theory and evidence on the economics of international trade, financial and monetary transactions.It provides, first of all, a comprehensive set of entries explaining the key theoretical concepts in international economics as well as the latest empirical and simulation techniques used in the academic literature. In addition, various entries present the history behind - and the controversies surrounding - the core current global trade and monetary institutions, from the World Trade Organization to the European Monetary Union.The three volumes also provide a serious discussion of today's central policy debates, including the impact of globalization on employment, wages and income distribution, the imposition of controls on international financial flows, the effects of tariffs and protectionist policies, fixed versus flexible exchange rate regimes, and the role of the multinational enterprise on global growth, technical change and income distribution, among many others.

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