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Bubbie's Magical Hair

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Bubbie's Magical Hair is a whimsical story of a grandmother playing with her grandchildren. "When the warm wind rustles with a hint of laughter, Bubbie glides in with her magical hair." Sparse in words, but deep in feeling, the illustrations convey a story of magic and fun as Bubbie grows older and the children mature. "Bubbie's hair rises and falls, as it sweeps dust bunnies under the bed... Brown curls turned to gray waves-Bubbie winds her hair through the tales she has lived. "Nature and imagination combine honoring the power of all grandparents and how relationships endure through life. Bubbie cuts her long locks, as Bubbies do. The world pauses as the curls fall. All is breathless until the silver ends grow with new life. Ribbons, stars, dandelion dust, spread magic. Bubbie's Magical Hair is a visual delight of adventure, change, and a world united by love. "Look for her in the mirror, in the pocket of your coat, and when you look both ways crossing the street."This is a story to be read on many levels exploring feelings, science, international customs, and imagination. Bubbie passes along the magic and legacy to the next generation.

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