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Essential Guide to Electrodynamics

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The opening chapter of An Essential Guide to Electrodynamics describes a new theory of the electron, from which derives a fully deductive explanation of the chemical inertness of the group 18 elements of the periodic system. The authors propose that there is a need to present the detailed mathematical steps that are required to prove the equations of Maxwell textbooks and course instruction to help students gain a firm grasp of the equations and their applications. Additionally, this compilation examines the wave equation for the electromagnetic 4-potential, which has a form that explicitly involves the 4-velocity vector of a moving frame. Hence, Minkowski electrodynamics implies the absolute nature of mechanical motion in medium. Next, the authors represent the electromagnetic field from different and unknown points of view, and the duality of natural time is considered. Chapter five is focused on an accurate and profound investigation, interpretation and explanation of resonant and anomalous phenomena in radiated electromagnetic fields that arises due to the passage of charged particle beams over arbitrary-shaped periodic interfaces of natural or artificial material. Later, it is shown that a suitable modification of the Lee-Wick idea can also lead to linear potential at large distances. For this purpose, the authors study an Abelian model that "simulates" the quantum chromodynamics confining phase while maintaining the Coulomb behaviour at short distances. In the final chapter, the authors present a generalization of the transformation of the electromagnetic field from the frame co-moving with an accelerated particle into an inertial frame of reference and from an inertial frame into the frame co-moving with a moving particle.

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