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Bioenergy Resources and Technologies

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Bioenergy Resources and Technologies presents advanced approaches and applications of bioenergy resources, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Chapters on the applications of bioenergy, the implementation of bioenergy as an alternative fuel, and future energy security make this an invaluable and unique resource to further advance the field. This book provides new information and novel techniques across a variety of bioenergy applications, with the book's authors addressing key uses for bioenergy resources as an alternative fuel. Various case studies and examples help demonstrate meaning and provide additional clarity. Social and economic aspects are included for each technology discussed, along with a number of research works and their findings in a diverse mix of areas including energy, environmental science, biotechnology, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Researchers and professionals in these disciplines will gain knowledge on the underlying concepts, technologies, fuel applications and solutions to global environmental issues using bioenergy resources.Presents technical and social issues surrounding the latest bioenergy technologiesExplores solutions to global sustainability goals through bioenergy applications and the future of energy securityIncludes experimental investigations of engine performance, emissions and combustion phenomena using different types of oxygenated fuel

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